Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look through our frequently asked questions below and if you still haven't found what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

What does Shukr mean?

Shukr (Arabic: شكر‎) is an Arabic term denoting thankfulness, gratitude or acknowledgment by humans, being a highly esteemed virtue in Islam. The term may also be used if the subject is God, in which case it takes the meaning of "divine responsiveness". “Shukr” also has the same meaning in all Turkic languages, in Farsi and most Muslim majority countries.

How is Shukr Foundation different from other organizations?

Shukr Foundation's approach is different we focus on those who are desperately in need but are neglected by most other charity organizations. We aim to empower and give a voice to those whose voices are not heard by the world. We aim to empower the poorest, especially women and children, to give them the foundation to transform their lives for the long-term.

How much of my donation is actually spent on projects for the needy?

Understandably every organization will incur some running costs, compared to many charitable organizations the Shukr Foundation has extremely low overheads and fixed costs. We are run by volunteers all devoted by humanistic values to better the life of others. As a result we target a maximum 10% overhead admin cost structure which enables most donations received to go directly to our projects to help the needy.

How did Shukr Foundation come about?

Founders of Shukr foundation have realized a community of people, (Uyghurs) who are currently going through the worst ever ethnic cleansing, persecution and torture, with 3 – 5 million people in modern day concentration camps are being neglected by the world. Out of a desperate zeal to make a difference to their lives Shukr Foundation was formed.

What does Shukr Foundation actually do?

Shukr Foundation works towards to:
End poverty in all its forms and provide lasting improvements to quality of life
and livelihood.
Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all, of all ages.
Provide access to quality education as a foundation for creating a future that is
secure, just, and free from poverty.
Then, through our programs we empower people with the skills, knowledge and resources they need to break the poverty cycle themselves. Implement community-based efforts to improve basic education, increase access to quality health care and expand economic opportunity for all.

Is Shukr Foundation a registered charity?

Shukr foundation is a registered organization incorporated in Australia and registered by the 'Australian Charity and Non-profit commission' (ACNC). We are endorsed by the ATO as a 'Deductable Gift Recipient' (DGR), where all our donor donations are tax deductible. Shukr foundation is an open book, committed to utmost transparency and good governance. We provide regular reports to all our donors about the conduct of all our activities.

Are donations to Shukr Foundation tax deductible?

Yes all donations of $2 or more are Tax Deductible.

The Shukr Foundation is registered with the ACNC and has Australian Taxation Office (ATO) 'Deductible Gift Recipient Status' (DGR) endorsement. Therefore gifts of $2 or more to the Shukr Foundation are tax deductible.

How do I donate?

Donating to Shukr foundation is easy. We accept small monthly direct debit donations, regular or once off donations. Donations are possible online through our website (via our Donate Now page). We accept direct debit, credit card, & direct deposit payments as well as bank transfers and cheque payments or payments over the phone. Feel free to contact us directly to discuss other options.

Your tax receipt is automatically sent to you for all once off donations.

For recurring monthly donations or for those who have made multiple donations during a financial year, a consolidated tax receipt is sent at the end of each financial year (so you can expect to receive it from us in July)

If you have misplaced a previous tax receipt, you can contact us and we will happily send you a copy.

Please keep us updated if you change your address so that we can ensure prompt and safe receipt of your tax invoice.

Our board members are not remunerated, most of our activities are run by our team of volunteers who are amazing people who give their time to support our projects & events. We value the support of every one of our volunteers.

We are always available via email, phone or face to face by appointment.

All projects are funded by your generous donations.

We would love you to volunteer, please contact us by email or by phone.

Although Shukr Foundation is based in Adelaide Australia, we have a global reach. We have members, volunteers and partners in over 15 cities around the world.