Right now more than two million Uyghur Muslims are in Chinese concentration camps.

Men are taken to the camps, their children to orphanages and women are forced to live with Chinese men.

What is happening to them?

We are witnessing a violation of an entire peoples dignity. Brutal and systematic camps designed solely to erase the Uyghur's ethnic identity via efforts to eradicate individuals faith, the Uyghur language and culture. To remold the region’s people as powerless, secular and patriotic Chinese citizens.

Uyghur Cultural Genocide

Religious Repression

Inside Camps

China’s massive concentration camps are essentially a no-rights zone for Uighurs who end up there for basically just being Uighur. There is no dignity.

'Life' Outside

Those still outside, remain stuck in a police state with massive surveillance, no privacy and the constant threat of ending up like the others who are in camps.

Nothing is private

Uyghurs face a modern Orweillian knightmare, as China's dystopian social credit system limits everyday freedoms just for being an Uyghur.

Livelihood opportunities are crippled

Uyghurs have been reduced to poverty-stricken second class citizens. Chinese policies of repression amount to an apartheid state for Uyghurs.